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Breakage No More: Protective Styles for the Fall/Winter Season

Protective styling isn’t only for the summer, in the colder months, our hair is more prone to breakage and extreme dryness; so these styles are an excellent way to ensure that your hair is protected and healthy. To combat the dryness of Fall and Winter, you can wear different protective styles to keep the ends of your hair tucked away for growth and length retention; just make sure that you are moisturizing your hair really well beforehand and in between as needed.  Here are a few hairstyles that you can utilize during the fall months that are nothing short of fashionable.  
  • Crochet Braids, Twists, and Locs
  • Image: Divanamk, Image Sourced from Beauty Depot
    Crochet braids, twists, and locs are so quick and easy to do. They can give the look of box braids, passion twists, or locs with about half the work. 
    • Crochet faux locs 
    Image: PoeticLocs, Image Sourced from Beauty Depot
    A quick hairstyle that gives you a seamless look with less effort. 
    • Accessorize your Flat Twists/Cornrows  
    Don’t sleep on flat twists. Many tend to look over the simplicity and professional look that a flat twist can give. You can twist your hair into an updo, like pictured above, for a clean and simple w look or get creative with different patterns and accessories. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone that is always on the go and doesn't have time to fix your hair every morning. The most work with this hairstyle is a scarf before bed, and maybe gelling your edges in the morning if you are feeling fancy.
    • Feed-in braids or cornrows is another hairstyle that many folks overlook. The look is effortless but can be dressed up with hair jewelry, braiding thread or even a hairband.
      • Accessorize your two-stranded twists 
      Take your two-strands to the next level with a bit of accessories. The easiest thing you can do would be to add a colorful headband. There’s also hair jewelry or decorative bands; you can also pin them up, clip them back or style them half up and half down.
      • Crown Twists/Braids
      Here is another easy look for the girls that still want to serve fierceness. Crown braids and twists are here to stay. Like the flat twists, this hairstyle is perfect for busy girls that want their protective style to last a week or two with little to no freshening up.
      • Let’s play with color: 
      This fall, brighten up your season with a little color! Coloring your hair can be intimidating to many natural hair folks, the main concern being damage to your hair, which is understandable. Any hair coloring product that uses a developer, chemically alters the hair in order to deposit color, this change in the hair structure can result in a loss of texture or curl. In an effort to maintain our crown, many naturalistas usually avoid hair color as much as possible. That concern in today’s time is no longer necessary. Colored hair wax offers a temporary coat of color that washes right out. Mofajang Color Hair Wax delivers that to you with zero damage and an easy application, just coat your hair with the wax at the end of your normal styling routine. The hair wax currently is available in 9 colors: black, orange, blue, purple, red, silver, gold, green, and white. 


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