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Bobbed Twists, Locs, and Braids
The perfect style for the low-maintenance folks. We all love thick and long hair, but sometimes it is good to give the inches a break. Long traditional braid and loc styles can be heavy and sometimes weigh the hair down, causing  damage and breakage. Since this is a protective style, you want your hair to be under as little stress as possible to allow your hair to breathe and regenerate. Just cause this style is shorter doesn't mean this look won’t slay. 
Like the longer twists and faux locs, the shorter style is also very versatile. You can add beads and  jewels for fun and embellishments. Try playing around with different techniques and looks, you will find something that is the perfect fit for you. Styling the hair up differently can also completely change your look; a half up half down style is more casual and playful, perfect for school, concerts, or weekends on the couch. 
Color blocking braids and twists
Meet ombre’s daring and aggressive sister, color blocking. Color blocking is the upcoming braids and twists trend characterized by a drastic transition in color. You can achieve this hairstyle in a wide range of colors; you could even tie in the neon trend into your look. 
This hair trend can be quite bold with radically different colors in sections of your hair or be subdued by doing a darker color at the root and a brighter color at the bottom. This trend will really help you stand out and give a pop to your look, be as extra or lowkey as you want, be creative and think outside the box with this look. 
 Image: Sourced from Instagram; Jazmyn Rodgers
Image: Sourced from Instagram    Image: Sourced from Instagram
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