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Wild Growth Moisturizer Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer 4oz
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Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer 4oz

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Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer is ideal for both hair growth and repair with its own proprietary nutritional complex that provides protection from dryness and friction damage with a lighter forumula. 

Wild Growth® Light Hair Oil’s  growth nutrition formula is good for African and non African (ex. Asian, Caucasian, Indian,  Middle Eastern, Spanish, Native American etc.)  and has natural non-clogging leave-in conditioning properties.   Wild Growth® Hair Oil has an uncompromisingly rich soft texturizing formula which keeps the hair in soft manageable condition with a good degree of moisture for breakage protection. This natural softening is also good for the scalp for improving energy flow and by providing the necessary pliability at the roots so that growth rather than breakage is facilitated by more movement.

 Wild Growth® Hair Oil is a natural hair grower, strengthener, and texturizer and moisturizer. Only plant based biologically friendly ingredients (mostly food grade) are used.   Wild Growth® Hair Oil which detangles and gives a rich texture to hair is a post-wash (applied sparingly on slightly damp, not wet hair) and in between washings (applied sparingly on slightly damp or dry hair) only product. In addition to growth, Wild Growth® Hair Oil imparts fullness, bounce,  body, life, silkiness, hair that is mane-like (flowing with movement and contouring or cascading  when still), and a healthy look and feel.

Provides scalp deodorization between Wild Growth Hair Oil applications. Will not slow down, interfere with, nullify, or dilute Wild Growth Hair Oil’s progressive benefits. It enhances and adds to Wild Growth Hair Oil's performance benefits of even more hair growth, hair repair, hair/skin/nail nourishment, and hair breakage control.

  • Disinfects and deodorizes
  • Clean natural scent
  • Hair rejuvenator
  • Scalp energizer
Directions: Lightly warm up bottle if contains are solid. shake well. Apply sparingly and evenly to hair and scalp just after using or in between applications of wild growth hair oil.
  • African Quality Hair:

Applied to damp (ideal) or towel dry hair and scalp . 20 drops for each quarter section of hair. Then sparingly applied with spout to entire scalp. Let soak 3-5 minutes. Easily detangle, brush, or comb through. Then sit under drier for Afro style. Or blow dry straight for natural straight high volume look. Or, then, press for  super straight/compact look. Or continue by applying curlers (curling lotion optional) and sitting under drier for tight curl styles.

  • Non-African quality hair:

5-10 drops on entire damp hair and scalp  after every time hair is washed.  Let soak 3-5 minutes. Lightly brush or comb every 3-5 minute until hair completely air dries and 'sets' with body and lustre (little or no oiliness). Use less if  results are too oily. Later, conditioning can be re-activated between washings just by rubbing wet hands through hair (no product is used) and combing or brushing through

Between Washings (on dry hair)

  • African Quality Hair:

Sparingly use on hair and scalp between washings on dry hair to control dryness and restore frizz-free softness. Reduce amount to control oiliness.  

  • Non-African quality:

Ideal for maximum body formation and retention. Add  3-10 drops only once to wet hands and rub hands together. Then rub hands first into most dense sections of hair. Then continue rubbing in progressively sparser areas.  Lightly brush or  comb through every 3-5 minutes until hair completely air dries and 'sets' with body and lustre (little or no oiliness).  Later, conditioning can be re-activated between washings just by rubbing wet hands through hair (no product is used) and combing or brushing through every 3-5 minutes until hair completely air dries and 'sets'. 

Ingredients: Oilve oil, jojobas oil, coconut oil, castor oil, flax seed oil, carrot oil, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, safflower and others. (More below)

Size: 4 fl oz / 118.291 ml 

Detailed Description:

  1. Promotes fuller and longer hair never before achieved (When used as a scalp oil many users report satisfactory to amazing growth results including new growth in bald or thin spots to the point of completely filling in,   first time lengths [to shoulder, below shoulder, to bra length, below bra length and to waist length], and first time thickness.).

  1. Provides instant powerful and lasting soft texture conditioning  without the use of any chemicals (harsh or mild).

  1. Allows pain free combing of hair.

  1. Instantly removes tangles.

  1. Used for accelerated combing, brushing, blow-drying, flat Ironing,  pressing, braiding and styling times with lower than usual heat settings.

  1. Imparts superior hair shine and glow.

  1. Bestows clean and fresh hair styles lasting weeks longer. 

  1. Saves money- a little goes a long way!

  1. Reduces frizzy, puffy and fly-away hair.

Ingredients formulating  Wild Growth Hair Oil®, Wild Growth Company utilizes proprietary processing methods to quantitatively and qualitatively enhance and moderate:

  1. Olive oil’s (virgin and refined) fatty acids and derivatives (including tripalmitin, oleic acids and triolein),  arachidic esters, flavonoids, squalene, terpenoids and polyphenols( hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, the aglycone of ligstroside, (+)-1-acetoxypinoresinol and pinoresinol),  alpha-tocopherol,  phenolic acids such as vanillic and caffeic acid, oleocanthal, chlorophyll, pheophytin and carotenoids.
  2. Coconut oil’s (virgin and refined) fatty acids and derivatives such as lauric acid and and its derivative- monolaurin as well as capric acid and monocaprin.
  3. Jojoba Oil’s  wax esters (long-chained monohydroxyl alcohols) and pro vitamin A and E.
  4. Other nutritional factors: vitamin D (ergocalciferol), choline, nositol, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium.
  5. Proprietary phyto-derived Wild Growth® Hair Oil nutrient complex and Wild Growth® essential oil complex.

    What is not in any Wild Growth® Oil. 

    1. Synthetics such as colors, preservatives, fragrances, vitamins, carbomers and other polymers, silicone (amodimethicones,  phenyltrimethicones etc.), etc..
    2. Drugs (patent or otherwise formulated)
    3. Animal or animal derived products.
    4. Hormones (natural or synthetic)
    5. Minerals –all elemental minerals (single and in combination) found in the Periodic Table including sulfur,  phosphorous, etc.. and their chemically derived forms. Wild Growth offers trace elements only in biologically active and safe plant based complexes as they naturally occur to sustain life.
    6. Petroleum –all petroleum and petroleum derived products such as petrolatum, mineral oil,  carbomers, other polymers (olefins, quaternium forms, ethylene derivatives, acrylic forms etc.) and  other petroleum (fossil fuel derived hydrocarbons) compounds used in the hair care and cosmetics industry.
    7. Proteins/Keratin (external source). WG Oils moisturize, condition, and energize the hair shaft, cuticle and root which, are themselves protein based. They also encourage endogenous nutrition of hair (proteins, etc. from within-the source being the blood supply ). But they do not patch up the hair and scalp with additional foreign proteins. 

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