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Annie Salon Tools Diane: Twist-Flex Rods #DER001
Annie Salon Tools Diane: Twist-Flex Rods #DER001
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Diane: Twist-Flex Rods #DER001

$ 14.99
Featuring soft, flexible rods that are lightweight and great for travelling. Diane Twist-Flex Rods are available in a variety of lengths and widths to accommodate any hair type. No pins or clips.


  • Pack of 30 assorted twist flex rods in 5 different sizes for easy coils, curls and waves without heat damage.
  • 10" long twist flex rods including 6 each of the following sizes: 7/8", 11/16", 5/8", 9/16", 1/2".
  • Soft bendable rollers are easy to secure and comfortable.
  • For best results use on wet or damp hair.
  • For all hair types.

Directions: Start with a small section, apply styling product from root to tip, and make sure that the section is properly detangled. Wrap the ends first and rotate your hair around the same area 1-2 times. Space the strands close together for a tight curl & further apart for a looser curl. Fold the ends to secure flex rod. Always allow your hair to dry completely before taking down. Air dry or use a dryer. To take down, unravel in the opposite direction. Twirl the ends of curl around your finger to eliminate frizz. Use a hair pick to lift and fluff your roots!



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